What is Race and Seek?



What is Race & Seek Ultimate?



Yikes! The last time I ran was during the Presidential Fitness Challenge in 10th grade. Will I be able to keep up?


You don’t have to be in the best shape to participate; Race & Seek is as much about MIND as it  is about MIGHT. Although cars, bikes, and taxis are forbidden, Public Transportation is  allowed, and may be the deciding factor in who wins the race. So if you’re in shape or not quite  in shape, it is anyone's race.



What should I bring?


You should bring a smart phone or digital camera, a bag to carry any items picked up, pens, extra cash, your team shirt/outfit, and a fun and competitive spirit.



How many participants are needed to make up a team?


Each team should consist of 2 - 10 members



Are there any age restrictions?


Race and Seek is for anyone 12 and up. Runners under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and have a parent or guardian sign off on their waiver form.



What is the refund policy?


All Registrations are Non-Refundable. All sales are final.



What if the race is sold out?


If your race is sold out, you can place your name on our waiting list, and we will contact you if there is any availability. Also, each race always present opportunities where participants want to transfer their registration; so always pay attention to our social media pages for that information. 



What do I get with my registration?


Entry to Race & Seek includes: Race & Seek swag, racing bib, healthy snacks, a donation to charity, entry into the ‘Best Team Shirt/Outfit’ contest, a chance to compete for the largest cash prizes in urban adventure racing, and a chance to win the coveted ‘Seeker’ prize.



I just moved here and I still get lost just going to the mailbox to get my mail. How can I navigate my way around the city?


Just like you normally do when you’re going to a new address: smartphone apps, GPS, old school maps, public transportation routes, or simply asking a stranger for directions. Knowing your city or the city that you’re racing in has its advantages, but it is not necessary to win the race.



How can I get around during the race?


You may get around the city using public transportation (buses or subway trains). No cars, bikes, skates, or skateboards, Segway, etc…



How do I collect proof of completing each task?


You must take a picture or take a short video clip at each location of the Scavenger Race. At some locations, you will be given an item as proof that you've completed the task. All of which should be presented at the checkpoints at the end of each leg of the race.



Can we use technology?


Technology is definitely allowed and usage is encouraged. So bring your smart phones, tablets, gps, digital cameras, and extra chargers, because utilizing technology may be the difference in winning the race and having bragging rights for your city!



What if there is bad weather?


The race will take place rain or shine. Stay connected to our social media pages for updates about weather considerations. Also, if you are registered for the race, we will contact you personally about any changes or postponing of the race.



How long is the race?


Since each city is unique in its own right, times will vary from city to city. But teams should 

average times between 2 to 3 hours. Teams can and may finish faster or slower than this time, it all just depends on how well your team knows your city.



How can my company get involved to sponsor the event?


If you or your company are interested in becoming a sponsor, don’t hesitate to contact us at sponsorship@raceandseek.com



Can I transfer my registration to another person?


Yes, you can transfer your registration to another person.



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